Contextual interactions enable you to trigger the right message or service to the right customer at the right time and location. There is a wide range of possibilities : providing premium services, sending content or promotions, etc. It can be set in different modes : push, pull, delayed or invisible.


Steps for setting up Contextual Interaction Rules

It is really easy is to get started with Contextual Interaction Rules using ubudu platform. You will find in this Knowledge Base step-by-step documentation for setting up your rules:

  1. Create an Application on ubudu Manager

    Log in to your account on the ubudu Manager and create an application from ubudu Manager's Application view.

    This will give 2 fundamentals bits of information : the P**roximity UUID** for your beacons - ubudu's default PUUID F2A74<FC4-7625-44DB-9B08-CB7E130B2029can be used for development, however make sure to use your own for production - and the Namespace for the application, required to integrate the SDK.

  2. Configure your uBeacon devices

  3. Integrate the Contextual Interaction Rules SDK

  4. Create Contextual Interaction Rules

  5. Place your uBeacons, trigger and analyze thanks to the logs and graphs on ubudu Manager Application view