Group Interaction Rules

Having a good fleet management of your beacons is really important to better meet the customer needs. For this you can create Applications to manage your different environment and interactions. Each beacon can be associated to an environment and the environment can contain different fences (geofences or microfences ie beacons).

More specifically about beacons, you have group rules:

  • Min Group Event: the minimum number of occurences of the event group-wide before the actions are taken. It means that a customer has to enter the different zones a certain number of time until the action starts.

  • Max Group Event: the maximum number of occurences of the event group-wide after which the actions are not taken. It means that customers will not receive a notification if they enter the zones a certain number of time.

Other rules very useful to complete your fleet management:

  • Min and Max Event: same principle as above but only for one beacon. For example, if your customer enters your aisle 2 times we can conclude that he is really interrested in those products so the action must be taken.

  • latch time: minimum number of seconds without events, before action is taken. Again if the customer stays quite a long time in a particular area there is more chance that he is interested in.