Proof of Concept

Before doing any full-scale deployment, you'll want surely to test your contextual interaction solution in a smaller "pilot" environment. Here are a few pointers to help you do that:

Physical settings

  • You want to test your solution in an environment as close as possible to your real-life settings, where people, furniture and other radio elements will alter the signal transmitted by uBeacons. Place your uBeacons in the places where they are meant to be eventually (shopwindow, behind a cashier, on a shelf, etc) and then use the calibration tool provided with the uBeacon configuration app (search for it on the App Store) in order to adjust emission power.
  • If your solution requires synchronous access to internet in order for instance to trigger a web service, then ensure cellular data connection is available over 3G/4G ! Alternatively design a solid WiFi hotspot solution.

Service plan

  • The Developer Plan at is designed for you to test your solution in a safe environment, before moving it to production with a great number of active users. Use it to its full extent !


  • If you choose to develop an app which will be distributed during the pilot phase to a limited audience, you have two alternatives : either a selective installation of the app without going through the mainstream App Stores or Google Play stores, or a public app on which the SDK can be activated selectively. This requires some development effort in order for instance to detect via a geofence whether a user is in a pilot zone or not.