This chapter describes most common problems with uBeacon and suggested solutions.

Device is not advertising

Please make sure that the device is charged and turned on.

Common cause of not advertising is that the device is in sleep mode according to it's schedule. To check if a device is sleeping press the user button briefly (for less than one second). If after releasing the button LED will light up three short times this means that the uBeacon is sleeping.

ProximityUUID changed

If uBeacon advertises with different ProxumityUUID than the one set by you it means that uBeacon has a problem with it's internal state. The following ProximityUUID values are explained here:

  • E16E8A8E-34EC-4326-B21E-9B35F22F405B: Low battery alert, need to recharge the battery soon

Minor value is changing

If your minor value is changing this means that identity security feature has been enabled. Please refer to Security section in uBeacon knowledgebase

Orange charging LED is not going off

If uBeacon is charged (with Ubudu charger) for more than 6 hrs and orange LED is still on, disconnect it. Send the device back to Ubudu for service examination.

Can't re-connect to a beacon

If you have paired with uBeacon and cannot reconnect with it or the connection seems to be not responsive then the most common cause for this type of issue is invalidation of pairing information between devices. To remove previous pairing go to iOS Settings > Bluetooth press the info icon on the right side of the device. On the next screen choose "Forget this device" option - device has to be disconnected for this option to be available. From now you will be able to connect to the device and pair with it.

Reseting uBeacon

In case somthing went wrong we've hidden a reset button on the board. You will have to open the box and you'll find a second button which needs to be pressed to rebood the device.

The following photo shows location of the reset button: