Tx power level of uBeacon v2.0

The Tx Power level of uBeacon v2.0 can be adjusted in the manager back-office or in the manager IOS app by levels between 1 to 7. 7 being the maximum power.
The correspondance of Tx Power Level and Tx Power is the following :

TX Level 0 ==> approx -18dBm
TX Level 1 ==> approx -14dBm
TX Level 2 ==> approx -10dBm
TX Level 3 ==> approx -6dBm
TX Level 4 ==> approx -2dBm
TX Level 5 ==> approx 2dBm
TX Level 6 ==> approx 6dBm
TX Level 7 ==> approx 8dBm
By defaults uBeacons 2.0 ships with TxPowerLevel = 5.
If you want to increase the reach or strengthen the signal increase power level.