What do the uBeacon LED indicators mean ?

uBeacon image

uBeacon v2.0 has two led indicators - orange and a two-color (green/red) which are used to report most relevant information. Various states are described below.

Charging battery

When battery is being charged the orange LED will be turned on. It will also automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged.

Beacon is connectable

When the beacon is connectable it will blink with a green LED once per 3 seconds. Red LED will blink when the battery is running low.
To make the beacon connectable shortly press the user button.

Beacon is connected with a device

When a device connects to the beacon the green LED will light up and stay on until device disconnects.

Going to sleep

When a beacon is going to sleep a red LED will blink 4 times.
To make the beacon go to sleep press and hold the user button for a few seconds.

Waking up

When a beacon is waking up it will blink the green LED twice.
To wake up a sleeping beacon press and hold the user button for a few seconds.