Setup indoor map

1) Log in to ubudu Manager

Make sure you have an account and to get into the Manager homepage.

2) Select 'Venues & Indoor Maps'

This part allows you to create and manage all your venues.

If you don't have any venue yet, just click on the '+ Add Venue' button at the bottom of the page.


In the tab 'iBeacons devices', you can also associate a beacon to a specific venue. Once you have a list of venues, go straightly to the next step.

If your account doesn't have access to this menu item, but you would like to use it, please ask us at

3) Click on the magnifying glass icon

You will arrive on a dashboard with a few buttons which display your venue information :

  • Edit : to edit previously set venue information
  • Maps : takes you to a map manager
  • Beacon devices : its a shortcut to "iBeacons devices"
  • Add geofence to app : a shortcut to Geofences settings


4) Map Editor :

  • Add a map :


  • Add a map detail :


  • Add beacons and draw zones :


Once your your map is designed, you are ready for the next step, to retrieve map information in your app through the SDK settings. The important value to write down is the map UUID to add to the IndoorLocation SDK.