Configure uBeacon Mesh devices


To set up the beacons for your mesh network, you'll need:

A mesh network is created by setting two values in each of the beacons:

  • Mesh network UUID: This value needs to be shared between all devices which should belong to the same network - It is a 128bit UUID value like 969FB06C-43DA-41B6-B3DF-B49691F65FD2 which can be generated by various tools available online and on PC's. The network ID value should be kept secret since if it is known by a third party it can be used to decrypt messages exchanged in the mesh network.
  • Mesh device ID: This value identifies the device in a network and should be unique for each device. The address is a hexadecimal value and has to be in <0x0001, 0x7FFF> range which corresponds to <1,32767> as in regular numbers.

Using ubudu Manager

The values can be set up from the ubudu Manager, under Devices.


Mesh settings register

You will find all the options for your mesh network here:

  • Mesh always enabled - Sets the mesh to always be on and send/receive messages.
  • Allow non-authenticated connections - Allows non-authenticated users to connect and be able to send and receive mesh messages without the need to authenticate first. This option is useful when password protection has been set up for a beacon - which is highly recommended if a beacon is set to always connectable.
  • Always connectable - Forces the beacon to always accept new connections. It is not a default setting for a beacon so if you want to enable anyone to connect and send messages, this option has to be enabled.
  • Enable mesh window - Enabling mesh window will allow mesh to activate once per day for a given amount of time. This setting will apply only when mesh is not always enabled.
    • On hour - Sets the hour when mesh will start working.
    • On time - Time which the mesh should be enabled for.


  1. Set up on ubudu Manager for each uBeacon Mesh the values for mesh network UUID, mesh device ID, and mesh settings register
  2. Apply ubudu Manager settings to each uBeacon Mesh via the uBeacon Manager app --> Follow steps 1 & 2 of "using uBeacon Manager iOS app" below, but use "Apply Cloud Settings" instead of "Manual Edit" in step 2

About security

If you want users to send messages via your mesh network, the nodes need to be configured as connectable. Since the beacon is always connectable, it is highly advised that a connection password is used to allow non-authenticated devices to connect and send mesh messages, but not to reconfigure the device itself.

Using uBeacon Manager iOS app

You can alternatively setup uBeacon Mesh devices directly by uBeacon Manager iOS app. To execute this manual process, follow these steps:

1. Connect

  • Log into the uBeacon Manager iOS app, and go to "Configure" view.
  • Choose a Venue or view "All beacons" to see which beacons are around you.
  • Press the connectable button on the beacon. It should now be highlighted on the list.
  • Select it from the list, and accept the Bluetooth pairing request.
  • After connecting you will be presented with the beacon settings summary view:


2. Enter manual edit mode

Tap the icon in the upper right corner which will show the following options on the screen:


Choose "Manual edit".

3. Go into "Mesh settings"


4. Go into "Mesh settings register"


Set the settings according to your communication requirements. Options are the same as described in "Using ubudu Manager" above.
Typical values for initial setup are :

  • Mesh always enabled = yes
  • Allow non-authenticated connections = yes
  • Always connectable = yes
  • Enable mesh window = no