About ubudu Mesh technology

ubudu Mesh technology enables mobile devices (like smartphones, tablets) to exchange messages with servers or devices which are not in direct proximity and would not be able to connect otherwise.

A "Mesh" is a network consisting of several uBeacon devices, which form its nodes. Some of these nodes are "connectable", i.e. can accept connections with mobile devices. At least one of these nodes is also a gateway to a server or external network, where the information is passed onto.

Messages sent from mobile devices over a Mesh network are encrypted and can only be understood by the devices in the network and particularly the receiver. Given that, a whole Mesh network of beacons can be set up to communicate and pass messages from and to the Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

It is important to note that a Mesh uBeacon still behaves as a regular uBeacon.

Design your mesh network


The key questions you need to address when starting to design your experience are :

  • Which communication do you want to enable? In which direction ?
  • How large is the venue you want to equip ?
  • How many customers do you want to connect at the same time ?
  • Which is the size of the messages you want to transmit ?

Based on the answers, you will be able to design your mesh network :

  • Number of connectable nodes & total number of nodes
  • Number and role of gateways
  • Role of mobile devices

Steps for setting up your mesh network

You will find in this Knowledge Base step-by-step documentation for setting up your mesh network:

  1. Configure uBeacon Mesh devices
  2. Setup Mesh Gateway
  3. Integrate Mesh SDK (iOS and/or Android)
  4. Deploy and Test