First steps

ubudu platform relies on several hardware, server and mobile components to work together. Here is how to activate those.

Get uBeacons

First, you need to acquire uBeacon devices for development purposes. You can do that from our online store, shipping worldwide.

Alternatively you can use an iBeacon-compatible device, or use our iOS simulator. Please note that some ubudu-specific features are not available using third-party hardware (e.g. mesh networking, secure broadcasting, programmative broadcasting, battery management).

Activate a ubudu Manager account

If you order uBeacons from ubudu, then you'll automatically receive an e-mail invitation to a pre-configured account containing your purchased beacons already. Alternatively, if you don't have an existing account or want to create a new one, you can do so by filling in the registration form at

Power your mobile app with micro-location

Depending on the use case(s) and operating system(s) you want to support, you'll need to follow a different path:

  • Contextual Interactions, for micro-location-based notification and other actions to trigger
  • Mesh, for sending customer data via the beacon network to a server
  • Indoor Location, for providing accurate positioning inside an app

-> Choose your path from ubudu's Knowledge Base main menu.