Introduction to ubudu

Contextual interaction platform

ubudu is a contextual interaction platform designed to help you to develop and deploy new user experiences bridging the physical and digital worlds, by the power of micro-location technology.

Customer relationship opportunities

If you work in retail, it may be about detecting & welcoming a loyal customer in store, or offering a personalized promotion in the shoe aisle of your store, offering indoor navigation inside your mall. Or just understanding traffic patterns and perhaps retargeting those customers who browsed but didn't buy anything in your store today. If you work in another sector such as hospitality, event, culture, catering or even public service, then you probably already have in mind similar use cases.

ubudu's difference

ubudu’s differentiation lays in its ability to integrate and deploy at scale. Our mission is to develop an enterprise-grade platform to fulfill the promise of micro-location, above the existing standards such as iBeacon. That's why we keep researching and developing our products to offer you the most accomplished tools. The Mesh innovation (see below) is a great example of what we're doing in order to help retailers to deliver a seamless and engaging customer experience in-store.

Contextual Interaction Rules

Trigger the right message or service to the person & context : premium service, content, promotion, etc. In the right format : push/pull/delayed/invisible.


Indoor Location

Indoor location provides a solution for mobile devices to estimate their position within an indoor venue. The position is computed in real time and then referenced to the map of the venue. The computation is based on the signal broadcasts received from beacons placed inside the venue. Users create their maps in the ubudu Manager and attach it to a particular venue.


Mesh networking

ubudu's mesh technology enables regular mobile devices (like smartphones, tablets) to exchange messages with devices which are not in direct proximity and would not be able to connect otherwise.