Platform components

ubudu platform is designed around 3 main components which work together in a seamless way.


iBeacon-compatible device

uBeacon is the ubudu-designed BLE beacon, which broadcasts a signal every 100ms or so, in a range up to roughly 50 meters. uBeacon is compatible with Apple iBeacon specifications and can be flexed to use other signal advertising standards.


uBeacon Mesh

An ubudu exclusive innovation, brings a new dimension to beacons, by enabling two-way communication between smartphones and servers through a network of beacons. The beacons now act not only as location indicators, but also as a channel for business-critical information in places where cell or Wifi data connectivity lacks.

ubudu SDK

A software development kit for integrating ubudu services into native mobile applications. Currently, iOS and Android are supported. It is straightforward to set up, and allows in-depth customization if your goal is to create a true one-to-one contextual experience for your customers.

ubudu Manager

The web-based back-office for managing all things ubudu-related:

  • Fleet management, to deploy and maintain beacon infrastructure across locations
  • Contextual rules management, to orchestrate micro-local interactions
  • Analytics, to monitor traffic patterns and rules effectiveness
  • Mesh networking, to live-upload (and soon, download) customer information
  • Indoor location, to provide accurate indoor position & navigation services


Service tools & libraries

ubudu provides an array of useful tools & libraries for configuration, deployment and maintenance, but also in order to ease development efforts. Here are some of these :

  • uBeacon manager app, available on iOS app store
  • UART connectivity library, to enable communication between a computer and a beacon using a UART cable, very useful in mesh networking, available on Github
  • Cordova SDK, for those who don't want native apps on Android and iOS. Check the "ReadMe" file for available features in this SDK.